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ee Je ⓐnd aichi’s place!

About us

We are currently living in a place called Cambridge, Massachusetts in the U.S. We became a loving family in the spring of 2020. We have our cats, Suni (rest in peace) and Boris (13 years old), as babies. We came up with the name “HaT” and started a newsletter called The HaT Dispatch on the lunar new year of 2022.

Hee Je (they/them) was born and raised in Seoul. When Hee Je was in Seoul, one of their favorite places to go was Kyobo bookstore in Gwanghwamun. Hee Je graduated from an art school in New York City with a degree in graphic design in 2015.

Hee Je always has overflowing curiosity. Hee Je is a passionate cook and dreams to do a supper club. For work, Hee Je makes brands, packaging, spaces, and digital products. These days, Hee Je works as a designer at Studio Rodrigo. They like furry animals, food, and long walks. They call Brooklyn home.

Taichi (he/him) was born in Japan and grew up in a suburb in New Jersey. He played a lot of playground games. Taichi learned computer programming from online class materials and his friend Rohil, before studying it in college in New Jersey.

Taichi just finished his second year of architecture school in Cambridge. He works as a programmer making websites. He is part of a design collective called Abundant Blue. He likes walking, drawing, and listening to radio.

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